TRS Kashmiri Chilli Whole – 150g

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Expiry Date: May 31, 2025


Product Description :

  • TRS Kashmiri Chilli Whole, a spice aficionado’s dream come true. Sourced from the picturesque valleys of Kashmir, these whole red chillies are a testament to the region’s rich culinary heritage and vibrant flavors.
  • TRS Kashmiri Chilli Whole boasts a unique blend of mild heat and a deep, smoky sweetness, adding a delightful complexity to your dishes.
  • TRS Kashmiri Chilli Whole is not just about heat but also about enhancing the visual appeal of your dishes.
  • TRS Kashmiri Chilli Whole, you have the power to control the spice level in your recipes, allowing you to customize your culinary experience according to your preferences.
  • TRS Kashmiri Chilli Whole the spice that transforms every meal into a culinary masterpiece.

Weight :  150gm

Country of Origin : India.

Best Before 31 May 2025.

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