Udhaiyam Masoor dal (Red split lentils)5kg Export pack

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Udhaiyam Masoor dal (Red split lentils)5kg Export pack

Experience the rich flavour and nutritional goodness of Red Lentils. These lentils are carefully selected and packed to ensure superior quality and freshness. With their vibrant red colour and creamy texture, Udhaiyam Red Lentils are a versatile ingredient that can be used in a variety of delicious dishes. They are a great source of protein, fibre, and essential nutrients, making them an excellent choice for a healthy and balanced diet. Whether you’re preparing a comforting lentil soup, a hearty curry, or a nutritious salad,Udhaiyam Red Lentils are the perfect addition to your kitchen pantry. Elevate your cooking and enjoy the authentic taste of Indian cuisine with Red Lentils.

Nutrients: Carbohydrate(59g), Protein(25g), Fat(1g), Fibre(0.23g), Minerals(1.90mg), Carotenes(98.50mcg), Vitamin B1(0.18mg), Vitamin B2(0.12mg), Vitamin B3(0.82mg), Folic acid(78.10mg).

Ingredients: Masoor Dhal.

Allergen: NA

Storage: Store in a clean and dry place.

Weight  : 5 kg

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