TATA Chakra Gold Tea 250g

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Brand: Tata
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Anytime can be teatime when you have Tata Tea Chakra Gold by your side! South India is famous for its rich culture & landscapes, be it the local art forms, music, paintings, sculptures and figurines, breath taking stretches of coastline or the diverse cuisine across these states. In an ode to this magnificent region, Chakra Gold brings you a blend of high-quality Assam teas that give a rich strong taste loved in these states. With a heritage of over 30 years, Tata Tea Chakra Gold Premium Tea is a blend of premium quality Assam Teas carefully selected and blended by Tata Tea experts. Its long-lasting taste is the hallmark of a superior quality tea. Entice your taste buds with a strong, earthy taste that lingers pleasantly. Now you can wake up to your favourite cup of tea every day with a long-lasting flavour!

Ingredients: Tea
Allergen: NA
Storage: Store in a cool and dry place
Weight: 250
Country of Origin: India

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