Mangaldeep Agarbattis Treya

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Brand: ITC
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About This Product :

  • Mangaldeep Treya 3 in 1 Agarbattis are a unique combination of three different fragrances in a single pack.
  • All three fragrances that are part of the Mangaldeep Treya 3 in 1 pack are represented through differently coloured sticks in Black, Brown and Pink.
  • Mangaldeep Agarbattis help serenade your home with its long lasting aroma, and boost your devotional experience.
  • Mangaldeep Treya 3 in 1 Agarbattis are premium and high quality Agarbattis that are designed to offer long lasting fragrance.
  • The calming aroma of Mangaldeep Treya 3 in 1 Agarbattis creates a wonderful atmosphere in your home for meditation and prayer.
  • Mangaldeep Agarbattis contain a fragrance-locked packaging that maintains the freshness and aroma of the incense sticks for a long time.

Quantity :

  • This pack of Mangaldeep Treya Power of 3 in 1 Agarbattis contains 12 incense sticks.
  • These contain an evenly divided combination of the three differently coloured, distinct fragrances.

Country of Origin : India




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