Udhaiyam Indian Urid Split 1kg Export pack

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Udhaiyam dhall are now sorted on sophisticated machines using the revolutionary z-serious technology from the UK.
Udhaiyam dhall is the only brand using this advanced technology in the entire south east asia. This helps check quality at every stage, and even the tiniest flaws are spotted and removed, to give you flawless, purest of dhall
For best results use only soft water.


About this Product:

  • Urid dhall goes by different names such as Vigna mungo, black gram, urad bean, urid bean, minapa Pappu, mungo bean or black matpe bean depending on its color, texture and the place it is cultivated.
  • Urid dhalls are ground into flour or paste and it is extensively used in culinary preparations like dosa, idli, vada , and papad.
  • Udhaiyam Urid Dhall is one of the best quality products which gives a good yield and it is fresh.
  • It is also one of the trustworthy brands in South India and extensively supplied across the globe.

Nutritional Information (per 100g of this product {approx.})

Energy – 325 kcal

Carbohydrates – 56.10 g

Protein – 22.40 g

Fat – 1.26 g

Fibre – 0.86 g

Minerals – 3.01 mg

Carotenes – 36.80 mcg

Vitamin B1 – 0.38 mg

Vitamin B2 – 0.12 mg

Vitamin B3 – 0.38 mg

Folic Acid – 118.20 mcg


Ingredients: Urid Gota

Weight : 1kg

Country of Origin : India.

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